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Darling Pet Rescue is a non-profit project which serves to help lost, homeless, or abandoned animals and feral cats. Our goal is the prevention of animal suffering. We provide re-homing services for dogs, cats, and small animals. We work with local non-profit organizations to provide spay/neuter services for feral cats. Animals adopted from Darling Pet Rescue are spayed or neutered and vaccinated. We are based in Cottage Grove, WI and are available to help animals in the surrounding areas.

Darling Pet Rescue has worked to save animals since 2004 and has helped over 1300 animals to date.

Please visit our AdoptAPet.com webpage to view our availible animals. Because of how fast kittens are processed we do not list them, please contact Bethany or visit one of our satellite centers: Eugster's Farm Market, Mad Cat Monroe st. in Madison, and Pet Supermarket west side location. If you are interested in one of our listed animals or an animal you have seen at one of the satellite centers, please complete our adoption application.

There are many animals in foster care with us right now, and our list of needs is never-ending!

Items that are very useful to us include:
Canned cat food
Dry cat food or dog food
Laundry detergent
Litter boxes
Live traps
Pet carriers
Dog kennels
Cat litter (clumping and non-clumping)
Paper towels
Lysol cleaner
Dryer sheets
Cat and dog treats
Cat and dog toys

If you have any open bags of pet food you no longer want or need, we would love it if you want to donate it. We have several drop off locations available in the area, or could send a volunteer to swing by and pick it up! Some places aren't able to take open bags of pet food, but we don't mind and would rather use it than see it go to waste. We are not picky about the brands, because we also have a feral cat colony which is maintained by a volunteer, and those guys are happy with anything! :)

We are now able to earn money for the rescue by recycling old cell phones!

Please email us for drop off address options or to ask about a pick up.

Darling Pet Rescue has been working hard and would love your help! We are always looking for volunteers to take a shift of chores (even one morning or evening a week or every other week would be wonderful!) at our main foster home in Cottage Grove. Chores include scooping litter boxes and refilling food and water bowls for the rescue cats and kittens. The chores take about 30-45 minutes and we are flexible on times. Let us know if you are interested and please fill out our volunteer application! Thanks!

Since we are a foster based rescue we are always looking for and greatly appreciate volunteer foster homes for cats, kittens and dogs. If you are interested in fostering you can fill out the foster application.

Please feel free to contact Darling Pet Rescue if you are interested in adoption, becoming a foster, donating, or helping out.
Email: darlingpetrescue@gmail.com
Phone: 608-393-4316

Happy Buddha Dog Training: We use and recommend Happy Buddha Dog Training for our foster dogs. All dogs who are are fostered by Darling Pet Rescue receive free training from Happy Buddha Dog Training while in foster care. Also, dogs adopted from DPR will receive 6 hours of free obedience training after adoption! Happy Buddha Dog Training focuses on dog friendly training, with respect for dogs and their owners. They are compassionate and knowledgeable, providing in-home obedience training.

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